Siam Cement Group

Siam Cement Group


SCG would like to redesign the jive cloud instance (Internal community). Also to configure Jive to use ADFS for authentication. Use jive for Social Intranet, Communication across multiple offices, Knowledge Management, Digital Transformation.


– Internal AD doesn’t have enough information since it stores only necessary information such as firstname, and lastname.
– Need to engage more users.
– Need a way to communicate with users (announcement) based on their profile information.
– Need to control accessibility based on user department information from HR database.


– Provide solution to pull the user data from both AD and HR database.
– Develop Batch script to pull information from HR database to a table that will be used by ADFS. ADFS will return the user information from the database and AD.
– Develop HTML to pull data from API to display the announcement based on the user department.


  • Javascript
  • SQL
  • ADFS
  • Jive

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