Jive Interactive Intranet: Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications for Executive & Employee Engagement

You can talk, but are your employees listening? Not when strategic communications are trapped in inboxes or sitting unread on ghost-town intranets. Jive’s Interactive Intranet brings corp comms to life, delivering captivating content and igniting company-wide dialogue that gets everyone on board. It even measures the impact in real time, so you know your message is getting through.

Unleash Your Company’s Potential with an Interactive Intranet

  • Everyone Aligned and In the Know

    With gorgeous news pages, media-rich blogs and compelling videos, no one will ever miss the memo again.

  • Targeted Communications

    Get the right message to the right people, with targeted news streams and auto-subscriptions.

  • Actionable Insights

    See at a glance who’s reading your content, who’s spreading the word and how to improve communications for greater effect.

  • Company-Wide Dialogue

    Go beyond top-down, one-way communications. Spark real conversation that gives everyone a voice and ensures buy-in.

  • No More Silos

    Jive turns disconnected organizations into cohesive teams where all employees contribute and share your company’s vision.

  • Engage Mobile and Remote Employees

    Jive’s rich mobile experience keeps everyone looped in, wherever they go and however they work.

Corporate Communications for Executive & Employee Engagement

Learn how forward-thinking Corporate Communications professionals are driving better employee alignment and engagement with next-generation technology.

Ref: https://www.jivesoftware.com/solutions/employee-engagement-for-corporate-communications




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