Jive Interactive Intranet: Human Resources

Interactive Intranet for Employee Engagement, Onboarding & Development

Jive is an engine of engagement – an interactive intranet and employee experience hub that empowers, delights and unites your workforce. It improves everything from onboarding to training and collaboration, and it fosters a deep sense of connection that helps attract, develop and retain top talent.

Bring Out the Best in your Workforce with an Interactive Intranet

  • Faster onboarding

    Bring new hires up to speed by immersing them in company culture and giving them an overview of what’s going on, from day one.

  • Continuous feedback

    Jive nurtures a positive, high-performance culture by making feedback, recognition and encouragement a part of everyday work.

  • No more silos

    Jive breaks down barriers and hierarchies, turning disconnected organizations into cohesive teams where everyone contributes and has a voice.

  • On-the-job learning

    Jive unleashes knowledge-sharing and mentoring. Every moment becomes a teaching moment, supplementing formal training with continuous on-the-job learning.

  • Productivity multiplied

    Jive makes collaboration fast, frictionless and fun, in the office and on the go. People get more done and love what they’re doing.

  • One culture, aligned

    Jive energizes corporate communications, opens up dialogue and ensures that everyone shares your company’s vision.

Employee Engagement & Onboarding HR Portal Software

In an era when skilled workers have lots of options, engagement is the key to attracting and retaining top talent. Download this collection of resources and learn how a Jive Interactive Internet can help you build a culture of engagement and meet your biggest Human Resources challenges.


Ref: https://www.jivesoftware.com/solutions/employee-engagement/


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